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Take a scroll through my Chalky & Company Home Decor Product Line! OR Book a Workshop of your own! Let me put my design background to create for you...Color, balance, design and gathering together building memories!!

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As an exclusive Chalky and Company Retailer...I am Creatively Chalky

Painting for groups, sponsors for elder care cheer, special friends and other facilities are also available!!

Let me share my love of art with you-all ages, all levels of creativity. Sitting together relaxing and working on something fun!! From Kids Kits to weddings, baby showers/baby announcements, decor for your home or a gift!! Just plain fun and some very needed relaxing time!! 

Gallery July pieces I'm working on 

New Integrity Glaze 

Just a fun piece-"Simply Said" "On Beach Time"

Just a fun "Coffee' sign for your coffee counter

My first "Crackling" piece

Messenger "Red White Blue" **SOLD

Simply Said set You can do so many things with the "Simply Saids"

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The Creatively Chalky Showcase Studio

Make sure you send me your pictures of your finished work...I can show them off for you here and/or my newsletter or my Creatively Chalky Facebook page. Lets fill the world with happy, inspiration and creativity!!

Kids Love to Paint...Kids Kits and step by step instructions

Custom your creativity...my "boy" loves to paint!!

Family...Weddings...Gatherings... babiesfriends...Building Life Memories...

USA Made 

Paint together...have fun...make memories

Kids Kits...match with favorite story book...

Current Projects I'm Working on!!

Product Spotlights

I'm constantly inspired by others...and from the vison of what others see and have done!!  So here I would like to Spotlight the current kits or themes I am working on...

Product 2

Kids Paint Kits are so popular!! They are being put together now with the older onlays and the new onlays just introduced, Watch out for these exciting kits...and kids workshops too!!
Can be matched with childrens favorite books. 

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Product 2

A bigger farmtruck for a new baby's room!! Marches the smaller kids on-lays!!

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Product 3

Another Popular one for your dogs!! Paint the dog on-lay like your dog and glue it in the corner!!

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Product 4

Contact me for some different ideas!! I have lots of ideas and creativity to share!!

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